How DEL Delivers the Ozone Laundry Promise

The DELClean Ozone Laundry Program uses DEL engineering superiority in ozone applications plus sound and practical management procedures to set up laundry programs provide the linen results you expect.

DELClean Ozone Laundry Program Details

Step 1:  Analysis: OPL Demand and Outcome Factors

The first step is to systematically analyze the laundry operation, routine linen load and required outcomes of the laundry operation.  The analysis will include:

•    Evaluation of characteristic linen outcome requirements for each operation.
•    Details of the existing laundry equipment, and water and energy supplies.
•    Assessment of current wash formulas to evaluate chemical demands and hot water requirements to achieve outcome standards of the operation.
•    Baseline measures of key variables including water, energy and chemical usage, loss and/or wear rates of linen, and so forth.
•    A cash flow analysis of current and projected energy, chemicals and linen operational costs.

Step 2: Engineering and Design of the Ozone Laundry System

Based on the analysis in Step 1, DEL design engineers will match ozone components to the laundry operation. Ozone sanitation capacity requirements will vary with size of the washing machines and linen loads, linen type and required water temperature and soil types anticipated.  An installation diagram will summarize how DEL components will be integrated into the existing equipment.

Step 3:  Installation of the Ozone System

Professional service technicians will install and test the system.  Ozone production will be monitored in a live test environment before turning the system over to routine operations.

Step 4:  Monitoring and Verification

Laundry system operations can be measured for energy used, water used, chemicals used, and linen outcomes.  These tests are made under routine conditions and compared to both the same measures before the ozone laundry installation and to the levels projected in Step 1.  Energy savings can be verified at this point, and DEL actively supports operators’ applications to utilities for any available rebates.

Step 5:  Management and Maintenance

A well-engineered DEL ozone laundry system should not change routine laundry operations for workers.  DEL systems are the most reliable in the industry, so the benefits of ozone will continue to accrue for many years.  To support this, DEL recommends using one of its Approved Professional Service technicians, part of a nationwide network of service support, on a routine basis to evaluate current wash formulas, linen outcomes and to maintain the equipment.

Make Ozone Laundry Part of Your OPL

The DEL Program brings the benefits of ozone laundry to the real world.  Ask us about how it will improve your laundry operation and significantly reduce operating costs.

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